Now is the time

Although I married a political science major, I have never really been super political. I have been too busy mothering and trying to make ends meet like many other women my age. I have voted faithfully and I have signed petitions and spoken out when necessary. I find that many of my friends when asked how they feel, will usually respond with ” I don’t really follow politics”, ” I don’t bother to vote, my vote does not matter” or “I would rather just be happy than fight over politics.” While all of the above are reasonable statements, NOW is time to pay attention.

” I don’t really follow politics”. Let’s think for a moment. Politicians are paid by taxpaying citizens. Therefore making that statement as a taxpaying citizen is completely misguided. If the owner of a company ignored what his/her employees were doing, how would that go? I think the answer is “not well.” This is what is happening now under our very eyes. Both of these parties are out of control, are existing for their own financial gain rather than the betterment of their country or community. Very few are following the will of their constituents and those that are listening, tend to be shut down and ignored by those with more powerful backing. WE the people (who are in charge) are being treated as afterthoughts and put on the pay no mind list.

“My vote does not count”. Sadly that is appearing to be true in some situations. We now have candidates who are being appointed rather than voted in. The “haves and have nots” are once again at war and the money is winning. If you have not recognized that every single thing that is happening is about money, I pray that you do, sooner than later.

” I just want to be happy and live my life”. We have every right as human beings to do exactly that. But we are slowly being denied that right and we are allowing it. We are all being conditioned to accept more rules and less freedom. Although we believed it was all for our safety in the beginning and maybe in some ways it was, it is not the case now. Re-writing science and history does not change what is clearly right in front of our faces.

WE must start to be stronger. We HAVE to stop allowing ourselves to be distracted. We are the most distracted creatures on the face of the earth. The animal world is far more intuitive and stronger than we are at this time. In fact, they probably always have been. They do what they need to do to survive without relying on anyone else to do the heavy work. They keep what they work for and use it to feed and shelter their families. We hand it over, at times with grumbling but we rarely do anything to change it.

We whine “there is nothing we can do about it.” Really? If our founding fathers said that, this country would not exist. If the civil rights warriors felt this way, we would have had zero progress in that area. They put themselves in harm’s way to fight for basic human rights. Generations before us were far stronger. We have allowed ourselves to become complacent, coddled, reliant, dependent, easily manipulated, and even lazy.

We need to open our eyes. The party of the people is no longer. In fact, neither party is what anyone thinks they are. There will be no savior coming to fix everything. We must fix ourselves.

The original American soldiers were poorly equipped men ranging from very young to at times very old. Called ragtag even by Washington. They were severe underdogs, but they were brave and stood strong against incredible pushback. Simple people fought hard and gave us freedom.

We need to remember why we are here. We are not placed upon this Earth to watch television, go to sporting events, theaters, shopping, and ignore anything unpleasant 100% of the time outside of going to work. We are here to feel all emotions. To leave a mark for the next generation. Destruction is not a good mark to leave.

We are allowing our God-given freedoms to slowly be stripped away. If you do not believe in God, then I will say, your basic human rights given by nature are in danger. If any animal were on the endangered list, we would care. It is time to see that we are on the endangered list.

There are of course theories that do not make sense, we all know that. But words that were spoken two years ago which we laughed at, are arriving one by one. Some of us see them, some are not ready and perhaps will never see them. We are dealing with unreasonable people who simply want to see how far they can go, and how much we will take before we say enough. They will continue to get us to focus on events that distract us while working to build up their own portfolios and hide evidence that might force us to see who they really are. It has been happening for years. We just have not been as broken as we are now. We are weak, frail, and broken. WE the people are better than this.

WE are strong. We are created in God’s image. We are marvels of nature. We can fix this. But not with division. We can fix this with unity and perseverance. But it is time to see that. No more fighting over politicians. They do not care about any of you. Please understand that. They are characters on the television or hand shakers at events. They are not real.

As we head to midterms, we must vote. Although we are all tired of choosing the “lesser of two evils” or we choose someone who promises the world and has yet to deliver. We must vote. Even if we believe it does not matter. It does. We must encourage everyone to vote. Vote for freedom, for policies that represent the people. DO not vote for the “person you like”. Trust me, you do not know that person.

Unless of course, you do. Some grassroots candidates have emerged. Real citizens, people who have actually been out there toeing the line, working. Instead of making money off our backs and through underhanded practices. I have taken the time to meet one of the young people who have the courage to try to primary one of the appointed ones in my community. If you want more information about him and live in my community I will be more than happy to share with you if you reach out. If you know real people coming out of their comfort zone to run please support them. Do not simply push this aside and say they will never win. Perhaps they won’t, but just maybe, maybe our voices will ring out loud and clear that we are here. We are this country. We are this world. We are stronger than the 1% that has decided that they know what is best for us. Those with loaded bank accounts are completely out of touch with what it takes to give our families what they need. It is time to stop staring at our phones or at computer screens and be present in what is happening in our lives. Please know that once you begin to learn, you will understand that all it takes is for us to stand up and be more involved. This is not only about us. What we do now will forever be a part of history.


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